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What is Coaching, take 2!

We had some great feedback from our 'what is coaching?' interview video with Bridgette Sunman and are pleased to be able to turn this feature into a mini series.

For our second instalment we spoke to Mummy on a Break founder Maria Newman. As she says herself she is just a women 'trying to live her best life!'

At mummyonabreak.co.uk Maria aims to help other busy working mums who are feeling stuck, worn out or just not living up to their potential. She uses her own journey to help women who are looking for a change but just aren't quite sure where they want to start.

Sticking to the same structure as instalment one, we ask Maria some thoughts on what she thinks coaching is and how she approaches it. Listen here as she explains in more detail how her approach to coaching could benefit you.

We really enjoyed our chat with Maria, and it was great to hear a different take on the questions. We will be bringing you some more 'What is Coaching' in the coming new year so keep your eyes peeled. If you would like to share your take on coaching, please get in touch via hello@thebusinessowner.co.uk.

If you liked what you heard from Maria, and are interested in learning more then you can discover more about her here.