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What is coaching?

Back by popular demand, we have another instalment of What is Coaching. We've had some great feedback on the feature, and on top of that have really enjoyed hearing the different answers to these questions.

There are so many different coaching styles out there, and being able to hear from a variety of different source has been a wonderful feature for us, and in turn for you. We would love to hear your own thoughts on coaching, so please feel free to share our videos and get the conversations flowing.

For example, as a business owner, have you ever considered coaching?

In our latest video, we were able to talk to Scott Hunter, founder at The Innovate Crowd. In 2020 Scott launched the Innovate Crowd, with a simple mission - 'To change the perception of learning in organisations.' They aim to help you clarify some of your biggest challenges and explore ways of overcoming them. He shares his thoughts on what coaching is, how he approaches it and shares an interesting tip that might change your outlook on conversations.

Thanks Scott for taking the time to share your thoughts on this important subject matters. If you want to discover more about Scott and The Innovate Crowd please head to - theinnovatecrowd.com.