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What is coaching

This week we have another 'What is coaching?' interview with Rachel Woods, and we are excited to be able to share this with you.

After our previous couple of coaching videos, we are pleased to be carrying on this mini series. We hope you enjoyed the last video from Kevin Riley at Action Coach as he shared his thoughts on how coaching can help businesses grow - if you missed it give it a watch here. But, for this week we are looking at Rachel Woods from Coach in Nature. She believes in asking yourself 'what are your dreams' in both your personal life, as well as where you see yourself in the professional world.

At coachinnature.co.uk Rachel aims to support professionals who want to define their futures, and feel confident in their decisions. She uses the powerful source of Mother Nature as her very determined, ever hard-working colleague.

We've settled on the structure so you are able to listen and compare varying styles of coaching, and what coaching means to different people in the industry. Listen below, and see how Rachel's approach could benefit your business experiences..

We loved talking to Rachel, and we love being able to compare everyones opinions and views on coaching and what it means to them. If you want to see more coaching videos, please let us know, and if you want to give your views on what coaching is then please get in touch at hello@thebusinessowner.co.uk.

If you are interested in what Rachel had to say, and would like to learn a little more you can visit her website here.