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What is coaching?

We have another instalment of our popular series, what is coaching. We’ve been enjoying this series ourselves and have heard some great feedback from our communities.

This episode is with professionally certified co-active life coach Rob Stewart. He works with men to help them be how they want to be. With over over 1000 hours of 1-2-1 coaching and 100’s of hours of group coaching under his belt, Rob has a wealth of experience in the coaching arena. Rob, the Sherpa Bear, is working to help men help themselves through a journey of self-discovery. As a highly skilled listener Rob allows his clients to learn to develop the superpower of vulnerability when it comes to talking about themselves.

Following our interview style, we asked Rob what he thinks coaching is, how he approaches and some advice for people watching. We would love to hear your thoughts on coaching, whichever field, or area you specialise in; sport, life, career, relationships, parenting, or something else. Get the conversations started.

If you are interested in the offering that Rob can bring you, head to sherpabearcoaching.com, but in the meantime, watch Rob's interview below.