• The Business Owner

Company Overview - Talk Business UK

Name: Jonathan Smith

Position: Founder

Industry: Business Networking

What does your company do?

Talk Business UK is a membership organisation that develops and organises events and experiences to help local businesses and organisations from all sectors and sizes to connect and create opportunities to build long term and meaningful business relationships.

What changes or challenges do you foresee for your company in the next three years?

Staffing and outsourcing are likely to be the main concerns as we look to double the membership over this period.

Are you optimistic, realistic or pessimistic about 2021?

Overall, very optimistic for 2021 - 2020 has forced us into changes we hadn’t previously considered as viable options. Mainly the fully virtual world we currently work in and how we now integrate this new skill and habit for the future. More than ever the need is there to help local businesses maintain their links and business relationships and create strong supportive local business communities.

What is the most important task you carry out each day?

Hosting events and maintaining and developing the events agenda to support the membership. It should be chasing up on new memberships, renewals and payments !

What is your company’s most important KPI?

Simple daily task or goal is to gain or retain a member a day. This means keeping the worth and relevance of what we offer the members.

What positive effects has your company experienced during lockdowns?

The move online has been an incredibly positive move. Being able to host 6-8 events a week – compared with 1 or 2 live events previously - with no challenges on transport or venue facilities either!

What causes you the most stress in your business?

Finance and admin, definitely areas to outsource more in 2021.

If you could instantly change one area or thing about your business, what would it be?

Be free to work more ON the business than IN the business.

How would you rank the following in order of importance (1 most, 5 least)

· Strong financial data 1

· Sales pipeline 2

· Social media 3

· Environmental 4 - don’t see us having any environmental impact at the moment. Will be a

higher priority when live events are possible again.

· Team communication 5 - the 2 of us talk all the time!

What do you do to unwind?

I suffer from being an Ercololic ! Love finding and restoring old pieces of Ercol furniture. Challenge is I never want to sell them again.