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2021 – Well who knew!!!

What a start to this year. Speaking to most people dry January went out the window on the 5th, veganuary by the 7th and stress levels went right back up!

Hardly surprising with the restrictions and difficulties this pandemic has created socially, commercially, physically and mentally.

This is why structure to our food and fitness is paramount to getting through this year and beyond. Accountability and tracking health stats/progress are extremely helpful when creating structure in the working week.

Many people in January sign up to further restrictions in terms of diets and unobtainable, unrealistic fitness routines. This often leads to rebellion and refusal which is interesting seeing as it was the individual who decided to set these.

With over 20 Januarys experience in the fitness industry I come to realised that people need to live their lives in amber.

Most people spend their time bouncing between two extremes – green and red. Red being those harsh weeks or months where people pin themselves down to a very harsh restrictive lifestyle and green when they can handle the red and let loose – alcohol, late nights, overindulgence and bad food choices.

This way of living month in month out, year in year out is physically draining and mentally exhausting – yet in times such as now this way of living is at least the one thing we can control.

A life in amber may sound boring but it is not. All in moderation. So eat well and exercise regularly, but also enjoy the odd night where alcohol and less healthy food are prominent. The key is that these choices happen less often and are not the norm!!

The main factors in creating a healthy sustainable enjoyable lifestyle are

- Exercise regularly without it taking too much of your time

- Eat healthily 90% of the time

- Sleep well (granted easy said than done)

- Stay hydrated

- Find exercise that you enjoy and is beneficial to you physically and mentally

- Eat food closest to its natural state

- Track your health stats and progress – helps with adherence and motivation

- Laugh and socialise (abiding by our current rules!!)

The link below takes you to a short stretch and flow exercise video from my Xerlife platform, it’s the perfect antidote to the confines of the desk and the stress of a working day.


REMEMBER AMBER is the way forward and has been my ethos for Xerlife!