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Stay Fit.. from home

With many of us still working from home it is easy to find yourself feeling unmotivated and lacking the resources to feel accomplished in a workout. This is so understandable, but it doesn’t need to be the case! There are so many ways to move your body that can be done in the space of your own home. Consider this article the motivation you were looking for to get back on track to a healthier daily routine.


Whether you practised yoga before the pandemic or not, an at home practise proves essential for many of you that want to continue it long-term. Doing yoga at home will allow for you to really immerse yourself and not become dependent on a particular teacher or setting in order to concentrate. Yoga is such an inclusive fitness routine that really caters for beginners, experts and anywhere in between!

There are so many benefits of incorporating yoga into your everyday routine. It has a proven record of reducing stress and anxiety when practised regularly. General body awareness, posture, strength and flexibility are also benefits of a good yoga routine. Yoga may also help your concentration at work and improve the quality of your sleep.

It is so easy to begin a yoga routine, there are so many yoga teachers doing video call sessions for their clients at home. Even if cost is a restriction for you there are still plenty of videos online to follow along for free, making yoga the perfect at home activity for you or your whole family.

Home workouts:

Similar to yoga, home workouts can be so simple and quick but are still super effective and make you feel so accomplished straight after! Granted, some types of workout are easier than others, for example, cardio will require much less equipment than weight training. However, there are always ways to combat this; it might be wise to invest in some weights if you’re really keen on them, otherwise plyometric workouts work just as well!

YouTube is a fantastic resource when looking into a guided at home workout, there are so many videos out there that you’re guaranteed to find something to suit you. From intense high intensity training to family activity workouts, there’s always a way to stay active.


Any form of exercise outdoors is such a brilliant way to boost your overall health. Walking is such an achievable goal that can be done with families, solo, with pets and as far or as short as you want! While so many of us have continued to work from home, it is increasingly important that you get out and about each day, and a walk during your lunch break, or during your morning meetings can be the perfect opportunity to get in some fresh air.

Walking burns calories whilst increasing cardiovascular health and mental health dramatically. It can be so beneficial to people of all ages and exercise abilities. It can result in a boost of energy even more effective than your daily morning coffee! The increased flow of oxygen to the brain helps for better functioning throughout your body for the entire day and if walking purely for aesthetic purposes, hugely improves tone in your lower body.

Make walking more interesting by changing up your route to explore new places or listen to music and podcasts to pass the time.


Many people seem to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with running and often find the motivation to go only lasts a couple of weeks at best. If this is you and you needed some reasons to get back into it or to begin then look no further…

Running for thirty minutes has been proven to instantly increase metabolism for the next fourteen hours, this combined with other instant health benefits such as insulin sensitivity and better regulated blood pressure are all enough to make you want to dig out those old running shoes! There are also so many long term benefits to a regular running routine including: better sleep quality, quicker thinking, and stronger muscles and joints.

Consider downloading apps like Strava to share your distances, times and routes with your friends and family to encourage each other and stay motivated!


Intense physical exercise isn’t for everyone. Everyone is different and will be comfortable with different levels of daily exercise. If running and yoga isn’t for you, consider implementing a good morning and evening stretch into your schedule. Stretching is such a good practise for body awareness and can help with posture, flexibility and any aches and pains you might have.

It is important to assess any targeted stretching you might want to do and do the relevant research to ensure you don’t injure yourself in doing so (the same goes for all the above activities too!).


Dancing is such an underrated form of exercise and might be seen as a bit cringe by the proudest among us. However, putting on a few of your favourite songs during your lunch break and just getting up and moving not only is guaranteed to make you laugh but also increases blood flow to the brain, the release of endorphins and helps concentration post dance.

This is perfect for anyone with children and means you’re always guaranteed a dance partner should you want one. If you find this works for you then there are hundreds of videos online of dance workouts to follow along to. It doesn’t even feel like exercise!