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Life after Sport - Shane Monahan

Name: Shane Monahan

Sporting Credentials: Former professional rugby player (Irish u20’s 2007 Grand slam winning squad) ex Leinster, Connacht, Rotherham Titans, Gloucester & Munster rugby

Date of Retiring from Professional Sport: November 2015

Current Job/Business: Founder & CEO of the social audio platform Limor

Current Business Website: www.limor.ie

When did you know it was time to retire?

It was not one thing it was an accumulation of things over the course of my last season in Gloucester. During that difficult year I feel out of love with playing the game professionally. Not getting to play combined with a shoulder injury had a very negative impact on my stock value when trying to get signed by a new club. After having 3 great years playing in the UK at 28 years old within the space of 8 months, I was basically back in the same position I was in when I left Ireland at 23, time and age was against me, and I didn’t want to have to try climb the rugby ladder again. After a short-term contract in Munster I didn’t look for another club again.

Were you able to prepare for life after sport, if so, what did you do?

Yes, throughout my whole career I had many instances where I encountered road blocks to achieving my goals in professional rugby, be that injury or lack of opportunity. I was constantly aware that my career could be over at any stage and almost was a few times. With this in mind I completed a degree in Product Design while in the Leinster academy. I also started an art and clothing business while playing in Gloucester. I must give a shout out to Josh Frape and the RPA who were a fantastic help and support to me when it came to my business ideas and networking. They are still helping me today in regard to my tech business Limor.

Why did you choose to do what you do now?

There are many reasons, to begin with Limor is a brilliant, creative and innovative idea that allows me to meet and work with some amazing people. In this business I can tap into my artistic side as well as my business and product design experience which I love. Another reason why I chose this path is, it is mine, there are many variables but, in the end, I am in control of whether I succeed or fail, that was not the case in my rugby career. But I must say the main reason is I have a real passion for it, I have a set a goal and I am determined to make it become a reality and a success. This approach is what I know, and I am used to from my previous rugby career.

What is the biggest challenge you face being in business?

Other people believing in my vision for Limor. I know that it will be success but people who are not involved in the day to day of the business often don’t understand that or have the ability to see it. However, I do have some brilliant people in the Limor team who do share my vision. Ultimately it will be this strong team environment that will make the business succeed.

What is the one thing you learnt from your professional sport career that you use today?

I can’t say one thing, it’s a combination of things, you can’t make a great meal without a number of different ingredients, lessons learnt from professional sport is the same. Top of the list is you have to have passion for what you do, it gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning, If you can find that you are very lucky. But passion alone is not enough you need to have complete belief in what you are doing and the work ethic to match it in order to succeed. The importance of having good like-minded people around you to support you on your journey is also essential, that was the beauty of playing in a rugby environment all the great teammates and friendships that I made along the way.

Which is harder – sport or work? And why?

Sports most definitely, for a start you can literally be killed every time you walk onto a rugby field or very seriously injured, I sustained that many serious injuries many times during my career. You don’t have that risk turning on your laptop.

As an entrepreneur you have a lot more control over your own destiny, you can choose your teammates and what arena you want to play in, in sport almost every decision is made for you in one way or another. This has both positives and negatives, but I feel you can only do that for so long as a person, especially if you are an independent minded person.

Anything else you want to add?

Download Limor! If anyone wants to get in touch with me to learn more please do get in touch at shane.monahan@limor.ie

How can people follow you?

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