Meet the Boss - Simon Witney

We are back with another interview from our 'Meet the Boss' series, and this time we are meeting long time business owner Simon Witney from Witney Futures Group. Here at The Business Owner, we're strong believers of sharing your knowledge, experiences and stories with fellow, and aspiring, business owners and entrepreneurs, so we want to thank Mr Witney for taking the time to spread his thoughts and advice with our community.

Name: Simon Witney

Company Name: Witney Futures Group

Position: Managing Director

Industry: Environment and Development Consultancy

What was your first job or role after education?

I started out in local government, working for the former South Glamorgan County Council in Cardiff. I had completed my Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning, but there were very few jobs for graduates at that time. My first job was as a Minerals and Development Control Officer, but I soon gravitated towards countryside management, built environment conservation and environmental enhancement projects. This set me on the path towards the career directio