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Meet the Boss - Carl Jones

We were delighted to meet Business Owner Carl Jones, a real go-getter in the the world of business. Carl was generous enough to share his career journey with us, and also leaves us with some great advice for anyone looking to start their own business. Read below for the interesting story.

Let's start with who he is..
Name: Carl Jones

Company Name(s): Carl Jones Speaker www.carljones.org & the S.L.A.P Technique www.slaptechnique.com & Caveman Reviews www.cavemanreviews.co.uk

Position: Owner (normally sat facing a laptop!)

Industry: Personal Development and Training
Let's get started..

What was your first job or role after education?

Having no clue what to do, I bombed my A-Levels and ended up in the motor trade before getting the idea that I should join the Police.

Could you describe your career path for the reader?

The best word I can use is ‘free fall’. I have never really known what I have wanted to do, apart from following my heart and then fighting to be given an opportunity to do it. This ideology saw me join the police have some great times (but it was never going to be a long-term ‘happy’ job, or make me a lot of money) it helped me develop a work ethic and understanding of working smart, focus and dedication meant I will see things out to the bitter end.

Setting up my business is just another passion that I have wanted to do for a long time. Finding my groove and desire was not easy, to become a creative has taken time. Lots of trial and error combined with an ability to adapt and change has led me to a business that I am truly excited about and proud to have built.

What is your current role and what is your favourite part about it?

I am everything, owner, creator, sales team and chief bottle washer, which fits with controlling the three things that makes my business unique. As an author, focusing on stress and mental health, it provides me with a platform to speak and deliver my mental health and public speaker training as a whole package. The author side of things, my writings and creativity really call to me.

It is a passion that has taken me years to find and gives me so much pleasure when I turn something out. Whereas the public speaking side is the exciting ‘living in the moment’ part of the business that I can never get enough of. Finally, the training gives a fulfilling aspect of doing something worthwhile, passing on knowledge and helping others is part of my make up.

Are you optimistic, realistic or pessimistic about how 2021 has gone?

Having just finished writing my next book, (although there is still some more work to do on it) I was excited about getting it into print this year. Also, I have a training course that I have just launched (an e-learning speaking and presentation skills course that the pandemic has forced me to relook at my training offerings) with another course being written (may be finished by the time that this goes to print) for a mental health training unit. Once the restrictions lift, I have every intention to get the face-to-face training back on track.

Ultimately, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting my business into a great shape this year.

What is the most important task you carry out each day?

To keep the business moving forward and getting it back on track, I set small and achievable milestones. My mornings are dedicated to contact calls, emails and networking for speaking opportunities, currently no one is booking but keeping in contact with bookers should keep me at the front of their minds.

The afternoons are the creative time. Either setting an editing amount (for the book) or content creation for the training, both give me joy when I have achieved or added something that hits the mark. If there is some spare time, I get to work on the hobby business and find businesses or products to review, creating videos and sharing the content.

What advice would you give to your 21-year-old self about your career journey?

Everything happens for a reason. The experiences (the good and the bad) that I have had through my life, from joining the Police, becoming an RAF reservist and spending time in Afghanistan, visiting number 10 Downing Street are all memories that I would never want to miss out from.

So, my advice would be to hold tight and enjoy the ride, what will be, will be.

Have there been any positives about the COVID lockdowns for you?

To keep things ticking over, I got a short-term ‘change’ project manager contract. It was to keep the money coming in. To my surprise I was head hunted in the organisation, to work as the delivery project manager on UK-CTAP. This was the UK’s medical response to finding a cure for COVID-19, who knew I’d end up there?! The work was exhausting and fascinating at the same time. Lots of professors and doctors taking about drugs and compounds that I had no clue about. It was a wild ride and I feel proud to have been allowed to be part of the research. It was been great but it did mean my business stalled a little.

What causes you the most stress at work?

Setting myself high standards and not achieving them. When editing my work, I can get bogged down in detail and not achieve my mile stone. The last edit of the book over ran by two months, mainly because of my contract work and not having the head space to work through it. This should no longer be an excuse, as the contract has ended and I am free to focus on getting the book published and the business back on track.

If you could instantly change one thing about your business, what would it be?

Absolutely nothing! I am enjoying every aspect of it. We can all stomp our feet and want more clients or more sales but ultimately if we get the right product or service these things will come. I have achieved everything I have wanted in my business; it provides me with everything that my family needs.

Fame and fortune would be amazing but if I am truly that good, these will come in time, probably when I am more honed as a writer and able to prove why I deserve it.

What do you do to unwind?

I love a good film. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV have provided me with the cinema experience that I have missed. It gives me an opportunity to have a few hours of immersive, stimuli that helps me switch off. I am lucky that Laura enjoys a good film and if there is popcorn in the cupboard, we are all set!

If you could give a single piece of advice to a start up entrepreneur what would that be?

You have to start somewhere. Some of my best successes have been from doing a ‘rushed’ email or piece of work that got me noticed. Your business will never be 100% ready to launch, so get it to a position that you are able to show your clients what you can do and let it grow the final the steps organically. Also, never be afraid to make changes to your business for a good client but never sell out your basic business ideology to someone who needs you to be something that you are not.