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Making fitness work for you

As business owners we understand the importance of making the business work for us!! Often there are many hurdles to tackle to make this happen. Covid and its huge impact has made this much more challenging, but who does not love a challenge!! If pre covid you were like myself, beginning to see a shift from working in the business to working on business – this will return (it better!!!)

Many of us have had to work harder this year than the early start up years just to survive, others to thrive!! With the largest easing of lockdown imminent at a time when most business owners are exhausted we need to look after ourselves. We should all be going on holiday, not about to push even harder.

As this perfect storm of tiredness and busy collide with the expectation of ramping up for the big reopen, fitness and healthy food must be a fundamental piece to getting though the next few months and beyond!

By nature of a business owner the plan for many will be that of an extreme – setting goals of marathons or 750 calories a day or dropping 2 stone in a month!


Your exercise should;

- Provide an escape

- Be enjoyable

- Not create more time stress

- Not be painful

- Create progress

Your food should;

- Be enjoyable

- Provide nutrition

- Provide constant fuel

- Not create more time stress

- Be closest to its natural state

You need to make sure the above becomes a tick list. If running isn’t your thing, don’t do it! If you only have 30 minutes 4 times a week, don’t set a goal of an hour 6 times a week!!

Look for ways that exercise can fit into your day, going forward;

- park 20 minutes away from the office – brisk walk in and jog back to the car at the end of the day. Twice a week!

- cycle in to work. Once a week!

- do a yoga session. Once a week!


As many of you know I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and its my passion, so my own fitness is right up there as a priority!! This has been so important this year to keeping my stable and strong, both mentally & physically – THE SAME NEEDS TO HAPPEN FOR YOU!!

We are nearly out of the woods! But in nature this leaves us more exposed!! Line up your food, fitness and health progression alongside the REOPEN!!!

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