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What is Coaching, a business focus.

As the year draws to a close, it is time to start thinking about what the plans are for your business as you head into 2022.

We have another 'What is Coaching' instalment for you that we think is very on topic. Kevin Riley, Business Growth Specialist form warwick.actioncoach.co.uk shares with us his views on what coaching means to him, and how Action Coach approach their coaching technique.

If you are thinking that through 2022 you want to see increased profits, see an improved team and generally get more out of our time then the team at Action Coach Warwick are the ones who can coach you in the right directions. Their tried and tested business growth methodology could be the perfect coaching partner to help you reach all of your business goals!

With our 'What is Coaching' structure, you'll hear Kevin's thoughts on coaching as a whole, and he gives some practical advice to gte you thinking. Listen here as he explains in more detail how a business coach is the ideal partner for any company.

We loved listening to this business focused coaching interview. Kevin, and the team at Action Coach Warwick clearly have a strong understanding of what coaching for a business means, and how to get results. We will be bringing you some more 'What is Coaching' in the coming new year so keep your eyes peeled. If you would like to share your take on coaching, please get in touch via hello@thebusinessowner.co.uk.

If you enjoyed listening to Kevin, and want to get some extra help with your business growth plans, get in touch here..