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Is Email Marketing really dead?

There has been much talk that email marketing is dying or dead, but is that really true? The world of sales has not really changed, but the world of marketing has been turned upside down over the last 15 years. In the 1980`s you could only grow your business nationally by print media, both print advertising and print direct email or tv advertising, the 1990`s added radio to that mix, then came the new millennium.

Email was actually the precursor to the internet, sending a communication from one computer to another via an email. For me I really became focused on emails in the early 2000`s and could see the power of reaching out to an individual through this medium as a cost-effective direct sales tool. Many people have recently said that email marketing is dead and digital marketing should fully focus on paid advertising through Facebook and Google.

For me personally I don’t agree that email marketing is dead, I believe, it is growing for those who are forward thinking and prepared to commit for consistent email marketing. So, let’s look at some of the ways that you can use email marketing for your business. I want to share my experience and methods that I use for our own customers at iPlus and for those I work closely with when consulting.

Email marketing is the quickest and easiest way to reach thousands of people within seconds, done right it is the most powerful tool to use, used wrongly it is the quickest way to lose customers or potential customers. Email marketing is the use of email addresses and reaching out to those people through an email or an email form. The use of email forms are the most common for email marketing campaigns and people are familiar with Hubspot, Mailchimp, Constant Contact or other email marketing tools.

To do any email marketing campaign you need:

1. Email Addresses

2. Targeted Data

3. Personalised

4. Clear Message

5. An Offer

6. No images

7. PS

8. Opt Out

Let’s look at each of these and explain why.

Email Addresses

The most obvious thing, but you need email addresses to run a campaign, but it doesn`t matter if you have 5 or 50,000 email addresses, so quantity s not the number 1.

Targeted Data

You need as much information as possible on each person on the email list, you need to be able to segment the data to be even more targeted.


The best emails are personalised and not only using the person’s name but are written and signed off by the sender.

Clear Message

A clear message comes from what you want to achieve from your email being sent out, do you want more opens, more clicks, more responses or more unsubscribes. Messaging begins with the email subject through to your sign off.

An Offer

It is important to have an offer, it does not need to be a give-away, but it needs to give the recipient something of value, be it a case study, and discount, a video but giving information or educational to the person.

No Images

Many people will argue that you need to have imagery, I disagree and will always say words over images on an email campaign, unless the recipient is an ongoing customer. Images can lead to spam; images can make a message very long on a mobile device.


A PS is hugely powerful if you personalise your emails, over 60% of people will read a PS before the main message.

Opt out

When you have an email list, the most important figures to get to are high open rates, high click rates and low unsubscribes. To achieve the above you need to get rid of those who never open or never engage – the best way is to ask people to unsubscribe. Never ever get upset if you get unsubscribes, they will never buy from you!

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