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Improvements in employee wellness drives up levels of productivity and profitability

Mental health has become one of the biggest challenges for employees and employers to manage with the continuously evolving work dynamic and the hybrid working at home and the office. According to Oracle, 2020 findings, three-quarters of 12,000 employees believe their company should be doing more to protect the mental health of their workforce.

Ali Warburton, CEO & Founder at POW FOOD, explains, “For employees to feel valued, their employers need to demonstrate that they care about their wellbeing. We think people want to be liked but we need to be needed – the pandemic has highlighted how important it is for us humans to have a purpose and feel valued. This new normal presents us all with an opportunity to rethink wellbeing strategies for employees.”

According to Gallup’s recent meta-analysis, the business that scored the highest on employee engagement showed 21% higher levels of profitability than businesses in the lowest quartile. Companies with a highly engaged workforce also achieved 17% higher on productivity.

Emily Warburton, Co-Founder & Head of Sustainability, champions, “Through my work with MQ Mental Health, Head Talks and Mind Labs, I understand the huge importance of addressing mental health and its role in the workplace. At POW FOOD we work to support companies help their employees on a daily basis through our offerings, and one way we strongly believe this can be delivered is through our ‘Bring Back your Lunch Hour’ campaign.


Emily continues, “Many employees don’t leave their desk and may well feel guilty taking a lunch break. At POW, we understand that a work-life balance is elusive for many business owners, entrepreneurs, and their employees and a poor diet is likely to impact productivity. According to Allwork, workplaces that don’t support wellness reduce productivity by 17.5%. Pre-Covid, in the office, companies would, for example, feed their employees 1-3 times a week but this has not been easy now that they’re working from home and providing aggregator vouchers can mean employees are opting for unhealthy options and not receiving a parity offer.”

According to Oracle, 2020 findings, 35% of remote workers say they’ve been putting in significantly more hours since the pandemic started.

Emily enthuses, “We aim to encourage leadership to bring back the lunch hour. We aim to actively encourage employees to take a meaningful break. We aim to provide an easy-to-use solution for employees to nourish themselves with nutritious food and encourage wellness ‘move and mindful’ solutions at lunchtimes. Our aspiration is to assist employees to eat well, reduce stress and anxiety. We have introduced EmPOWer. We work with our nutritionists and wellness/fitness specialists to ensure our POW Food and EmPOWer workplace offerings help support performance, mental clarity and focus as well as the physical benefits of energy and wellbeing.”

The EmPOWer solution delivers nationwide the POW Food award-winning** POW ready meals. Each meal is made from scratch, designed by POW nutritionists and made by Creative Head Chef Charles ‘Charlie’ Merrington. The POW wellness workouts are delivered by POW fitness partners and offer a range of workouts from Mindful Movement, Cardio Burn to Breathe meditation classes.

POW FOOD champions the ‘EmPOWer - Reclaim your lunch hour’ with these three easy steps:

  • Pop the ready meal in the oven

  • As the nutritious ready meal is heating up, an employee scans a QR code to select one from a range of workouts

  • Once completed, it’s time to change, eat and be sociable at the desk or the dining table to enjoy your meal with your team or mindfully on your own.

In addition, every EmPOWer purchase helps provide underprivileged children with weekly meals through POW FOOD’s support of the charity City Harvest. City Harvest offers nourishing food for vulnerable, homeless, and through a range of children programs.

Ali informs, “We have listened to, and carried out extensive research with our clients. Many company leaders and HR roles are tasked with tracking the fluctuations within their workforces in motivation, happiness and productivity. They need a solution to improve motivation, demonstrate they care about their employees’ wellbeing, and keep their employees engaged through perks that are inclusive and accessible to those working from home and the office. These leaders then need to keep track and report. EmPOWer ticks all these boxes. Through this research, we know the paramount impact a good food offering has within a company on its culture and how valued and looked after employees feel.”

Through implementing EmPOWer and making it central to the business wellbeing policy, we strongly believe that employees will feel valued and more motivated to do the best at work and will be more engaged. This can only help drive productivity and profitability and drive reputation as employees at companies that support wellbeing initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work.”