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How to be engaging on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for businesses and knowing how to create the perfect post can help with engagement, which is what we are all after! So, why is engagement so important? In simple terms, it gets more people seeing your content!

Now, there is no one-size-fits-all solution but there are some simple actions that can have a huge impact on how your content will perform in the hugely competitive real estate of LinkedIn.

Our three key points to keep in mind when writing a captivating piece on social media are make sure you have an interesting title, the second is to utilise the algorithm and thirdly, is to keep a regular schedule.

Let's delve into each one in a little more detail..

1. A gripping title/headline

This step is vital in getting your followers to keep reading. A catchy and thought-provoking title is going to encourage your follower to stop scrolling and take notice of your post.

Try to keep your title short, relevant and interesting. The post title is five times more likely to be read than the body of the text. This means that you want to capture the viewers attention so that they have no choice but to click ‘…see more’.

On social media, people are far more likely to scan the content rather than read every sentence fully. This is often done in an ‘F’ formation, where the title is read, then some of the introduction and then key, stand out points in the body of the text.

If your headline is not valuable information that your target audience cares about, your engagement is going to decrease.

2. Utilise the algorithm

LinkedIn prioritises pushing relevant content and promoting engaging posts.

Keep these two points in mind when writing to your audience. This means writing about up-to-date topics that centre around what you or your brand want to present to the world. Using a call to action for each post will make your audience want to like, comment and share.

3. Posting regular content

Having a consistent posting schedule that works in line with when your followers are most active will make it easier for them to see your content as you post it. Similarly, the quicker the post receives likes and comments, the quicker the algorithm will pick it up and push to a wider audience.

Regular, valuable content will keep your brand at the top of people’s thoughts and if they ever require your services, you’ll be the first company they think of!


A lot of the time trial and error is going to be the best way to find out what works for you, and your LinkedIn audience. We’ve put together a small guide below with some small tips that may help you to improve your LinkedIn engagement – it’s worth a try, eh?! Find out what your audience responds to.

- Try a text only post – there is some research that suggest a text only post can perform better. Why not try a post with no image and see how it does? Make use of the 1300 characters you have access to for each post.

- Use emojis – Add a touch of playfulness and colour to your wordy posts with some relevant emojis. They work well as great markers for lists or headers as well.

- A controversial idea but liking your own posts – no-one wants to be the first to like something, get the ball rolling with a ‘like’ of your own.

- Listen more than you talk – be engaging on other people’s posts. This will keep you on their radar’s and they’ll be more inclined to engage with you in the future.

- The first couple of hours are crucial – be around to encourage engagement on a recently posted image or text. Try sharing to another profile or commenting with a question or a tag.

- Don’t post to much – limit yourself to no more than 1 post a day. Quality over quantity.

These are just a few tips to try out and see what works for you. Not everything works for everyone, or every audience so give it a try and see.

Get posting, get out there, get seen!