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Company Overview - Newton-Evans

We recently spoke to Juliet Newton-Evans in our company overview interview. She gave us some great insight into business life in the construction industry! For more information about Newton-Evans, click here.

1) What does your company do?

We complete residential single/double storey extension, renovations, garage conversions, new builds, loft conversions. We also like to take subcontractor’s on who we then teach all the skills to become a multi-skilled builder. We have had two subcontractors leave with our encouragement and start their own business. To us this is something we are very proud of as we have encouraged new business and taught not just building skills, but also business skills.

2) What changes or challenges do you foresee for your company in the next three years?

We foresee lots of changes in the next couple of years, we would like to loop back into property development, we began at the start of our marriage and we now have a couple of rentals, but children came along and we became side tracked and entered into the residential building contracts. But now the children are older, we feel this is the right time to go back to this. We have fantastic team members l never look at them as subcontractors, we always ensure a continuity of work, we treat them with respect and pay well. We believe this is why, we have loyalty from them in return. We have subcontractor’s working with us, for over 15 years.

3) Are you optimistic, realistic or pessimistic about 2021?

Optimistic, the construction trade is extremely buoyant at the moment, and this is fabulous, the only pessimistic feeling is the material increases, delay and shortage which means a constant revision of material costings with clients. Though overall we feel optimistic that the construction buoyancy is here to stay for a while.

4) What is the most important task you carry out each day?

To make sure all emails are answered, so any questions from clients or bookings for quote visits are dealt with, within that day.

5) What is your company’s most important KPI?

Client satisfaction is so important to us, we always ensure the client is happy and the journey for them is as easy as possible. We always find solutions if any issues should arise. Communication is also vital to us, which is why at the end of a contract clients feel more like friends. We always offer our trade discount and offer as many of our contacts to the client to help them with finished design. For example we recommend a fantastic garden designer ‘The Garden Lady’ and ‘Charlton Island interiors’ have fantastic interior items.

6) What positive effects has your company experienced during lockdowns?

I started to network online which l have never done before and found this to be extremely positive for the business and for myself in building my confidence with other business owners. So much so, l now help run a networking group with the founder of the charity Heart Heroes, it has only been running a couple of months, but l organise for guest speakers to join us every week and talk on a business related topic. We try to support SME businesses as much as possible. We encourage 121s, collaborations and increasing each’s social media presence.

For me this networking group is a Win Win, l have always wanted to support Heart Heroes in a way which brings monthly contributions in, not just because of all the fantastic help and support they give to families and their children with CHD, but also for a personal reason. l suffer with atrial fibrillation so when my heart goes out of rhythm it stays like this, until l have it cardioverted back into rhythm, l have suffered with this for over 13 years, nobody can tell me if it is hereditary or not and we have two children. Heart Heroes who support 0-16 years olds with CHD and their families astonishing me every week with all the great work and support they give. I also love anything business related and supporting businesses in any way l can l thoroughly enjoy. It is also great for the guest speakers to have a platform to talk about their business and the business skills they can offer.

I also embarked on some different marketing ideas for Newton & Evans Builders Ltd, which l would have never done in the past. I put my profile picture on a scaffolding banner, on a clients contract with their approval, this was situated in a dog walking area. This could have had positive or negative feedback. Fortunately, it was all positive and we had lots of business leads from this.

7) What causes you the most stress in your business?

The weather and delays in materials can cause a lot of stress, I can sometimes spend half a day ringing around for materials to source. But this is what my husband and l will do to ensure there is not a delay in the clients building contract. The weather, we cannot fault any team member in this area, they work in horrifically hot temperatures to freezing cold, to horrendous rain. The only time we will not allow this, is if there is a health and safety impact.

8) If you could instantly change one area or thing about your business, what would it be?

The stigma around the construction industry, l think is over exaggerated. It is very rare anyone promotes a decent hardworking building company. But my husband and l have worked very hard ensuring the team are polite, no swearing and they turn up on time and clean up after every day, while looking respectfully dressed. Communication on a contract is constant and we are transparent as possible. The standard of building work is always high, and we liaise with the client making suggestions along the way to save them money or improve the design of the build.

9) How would you rank the following in order of importance (1 most, 5 least)

· Social media 5

· Environmental 4

· Strong financial data 3

· Sales pipeline 2

· Team communication 1

10) What do you do to unwind?

I regularly go to acupuncture and l have a holistic coach Kate Mchardy. I also use Samboards which are sensory boards, l like the pocket size as l can take them anywhere-these really trigger my nervous system to relax. I also use Voxx Life products the socks and the Neurovax patches, again theses are to help relax your nervous system and give your immune system a boost.

Following this routine means, l can co-ordinate lots of different aspects of my life-the business the networking group, and family life without feeling overwhelmed and l feel my productivity is a lot higher.


Thank you Juliet for taking the time to share your business thoughts with our community! Getting an insight into how others run, manage and develop their own businesses can be a great way to learn.