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Company Overview - Laura Jane Yoga

We recently spoke to Laura Jane Jennings, Founder of Laura Jane Yoga about her experience in running a business. We love speaking to other business owners and hearing about peoples business successes and Laura gives us an insight below about how positive business is looking for her going forwards. For more information about Laura Jane Yoga, click here.

1) What does your company do?

Laura Jane Yoga provides yoga services to corporate business and private clients throughout London. I take a nurturing and peaceful approach to teaching where I invite students to take intuitive, mindful movement alongside my cues. You can expect to leave my classes feeling both challenged and rejuvenated.

2) Are you optimistic, realistic or pessimistic about 2021?

Optimistic - The pandemic has really turned people’s attention to prioritising wellbeing and all companies want to be seen to be providing wellbeing services for their employees. Surveys and feedback have shown that Yoga is a popular choice to help people stay fit and healthy but also relax too and it encompasses both the mind / body element.

3) What is the most important task you carry out each day?

I’m a one-woman band at the moment so planning and teaching great classes to keep my clients engaged and coming back

4) What is your company’s most important KPI?

Renewal - if a customer keeps on returning that’s a great sign that they love the classes, how I work and want to keep coming back for a highly personalised service.

5) What positive effects has your company experienced during lockdowns?

It has been really great being able to pivot the whole business model online as it meant I could see more clients in a day and gain some time back from travelling all over London. It has meant I have been able to re-evaluate my business structure going forwards which is very exciting.

6) What causes you the most stress in your business?

Trying to find the time to market and gain new clients is one of my biggest stresses currently.

7) If you could instantly change one area or thing about your business, what would it be?

I would love to develop the business into into a holistic wellness service to include nutrition workshops and cooking classes. This is something I am currently looking to expanding into, which I hope could come into place once I am accredited in 2022.

8) How would you rank the following in order of importance (1 most, 5 least)

· Sales Pipeline 1

· Social Media 2

· Team communication 3

· Environmental 4

· Strong Financial Data 5

9) What do you do to unwind?

Is it too cliche if I say Yoga?! I also love cooking and surfing.

10) If you could give a single piece of advice to a start up entrepreneur what would that be?

A small piece of practical advice I would give anyone looking to join the world of business is to have multiple sources of income so you always have something to fall back on.


Thank you Laura for taking the time to share your business thoughts with our community! We love hearing about different business stories from all walks of life, all different sectors and experiences.