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Awaken Mentoring with Beverley Jones

Burnout is a common problem in the business world. We spoke to Beverley Jones from Awaken Mentoring about the importance of needing help with mental health and wellbeing. With personal experience in the cause, Beverley is the perfect person to help you navigate the arena and get back on track.

Read here as Beverley talks us through the company and how it helps people, and takes us through the challenges she has faced and continues to face as well as giving us a insight into how she found herself in the fierce world of business and business owning. Let’s get stuck in...

Hi Beverley, thanks for joining us. Let's start with you. What was your first job/role after education?

I was managing a local newsagents at the age of 18.

And how would you describe your career path so far?

My corporate career path was based around senior management roles across the UK and Ireland. Following my burnout from this 30 year career I started my own business in August 2010.

Tell us about your current role.

I am now managing director of Awaken Group Ltd. As it is my own business twelve years on my favourite part is the connection with others and helping those who need it through their well-being journey.

What advice would you give to your 21-year-old self about your career journey?

Enjoy every minute and never be afraid to take risks to get you to where you want to be. If you are feeling bullied at any time, speak up!

We love that, thanks Beverley. Moving on to your business; what do you currently find most stressful in your role?

It was having enough time to do some writing (which is a passion) however having just taken on an employee that is no longer a problem so stress level is very low!

We are so pleased for you! Tell us, what does your company do?

We offer well-being and mentoring services to Professional women, Female Businesswomen and Companies and Organisations. Predominantly focusing on avoiding burnout, anxiety and maintaining your mental well-being.

How would you describe your management style?

I am strong leader yet a people’s person who values teamwork. I believe a manager is only as good as the team they manage. Being kind is at the base of any management and respect is earned not a given!

Business is ever changing. What, if any, changes or challenges do you foresee for your company in the next three years?

I have just had a major re-brand so the next three years will see me developing that and growing my customer base. The challenge will be in that I have completely changed my focus in the first two groups above to only women where I used to have an open book across males and females.

And are you optimistic, realistic or pessimistic about the task ahead of you?

I am always optimistic!

We applaud your attitude Beverley. What do you find is the most important task you carry out each day?

Practising my own self-care.

If you could give a single piece of advice to a start-up entrepreneur what would that be?

Don’t try to do it alone, get a mentor, someone who has walked the same path as you.

We love hearing other peoples advice, so thank you Beverley. How do you stay motivated each day?

Knowing that what I do helps others is all the motivation I need. Having been in the same shoes myself I am pleased and proud to be able to support others.

Thank you for talking with us Beverly. We have one final question - What makes your business stand out, and where do see your business heading in the future?

I mentor from 100% experience; I walk the talk and integrity is everything. If you need my help, just ask! For the business goals, I aim to build and grow my membership groups to help females both in a professional / own business capacity not go down a burnout route by embracing the simple life.

Thank you Beverley.

Whether you are a business owner, organisation or simply an individual looking for help, Awaken Mentoring can support with mental health and wellbeing. Beverley Jones, with a wealth of first-hand experience, has the knowledge and lessons to listen and help in whichever way she can. If you are worried about burn-out in your own career or looking for support within your business for your staff and employees, take a look through services and bespoke programmes that Awaken Mentoring, and Beverley, can offer you.

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