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A NEW business owner

We have spoken to recently new business owner Ioan Kinde. He shares a little of his life story, his health journey with WILDFIT, and his business goals for 2022! Get stuck in..

Who are you?

My name is Ioan Kinde, I am 40 years old, and I was born in Romania. I am a father, husband, engineer EMF graduate and certified WILDFIT coach. You can read my full life story and more about how I started out here: https://www.kind-evolution.com/meet-the-founder

Whats the name of your company?

My business is called Kind Evolution - www.kind-evolution.com

What do you do?

I help people redefine their relationship with food and discover their real identity, as well as offering support in health, wellness, parenting, money and relationships. So watch this space!

Tell us about your journey with WILDFIT?

I discovered WILDFIT in 2018 as I was looking to improve my overall health. It is the best program I’ve seen thus far as it teaches game-changing rules in health and wellness – so that we experience life at an optimal level.

When I started WILDFIT I was hypertensive, type II diabetic, morbidly obese, my cholesterol level was through the roof, and my liver was failing me. I was struggling to survive, not even being aware of doing so. This meant I had never experienced anything better. I never knew anything more about nutrition than what I inherited from my elders, and I was constantly the victim of the food industry programming-for-profit.

WILDFIT improved my life – from becoming healthy – meaning all the blood values considered by the medical industry became ideal, my body reshaped into its ideal designed form by releasing 24 kg (~3 Stones), revitalizing my skin, and offering me restful sleep during the night, and an abundance of energy during the day.

It reshaped my life to such a degree I had the courage to significantly improve my contribution to other people by becoming a certified WILDFIT coach.

If the sound of this, has interested you, learn more about my WILDFIT offering here: https://www.kind-evolution.com/wildfit

What are the benefits of WILDFIT?

WILDFIT is about freedom of choice. Its aim is to redefines one’s mindset about how to nourish ourselves, so we experience optimal health.

Adopting the WILDFIT principles redefines “where we live” in terms of nourishment and treating our body well. It gives us the knowledge to consciously decide “where we visit” in terms of healthy /unhealthy (but tasty) products.

We’ve seen lots of improvements in WILDFIT members including better attention span, better memory, better sleep, glowing skin, releasing weight, improving body % of water, muscle, bone density, etc., even faster injury recovery. It is a way of living that gives us joy and freedom to do whatever we want to do, and that comes from a strong reference system in terms of health.

We learn all this in a WILDFIT 90 days challenge, which is an online course consisting in 2 main parts:

o Access to the recorded films from Eric Edmeades, the creator of the program.

o Live Q&A Sessions with me as your coach – 1x a week for the whole challenge.

How can people try out WILDFIT?

I don’t expect anyone to believe me blindly, so I am here to offer you the first 2 weeks of the 90 days challenge for free, to get a glimpse of the WILDFIT world and get to know our viewpoint upon emotional eating and refined sugar, saving you £199!

Simply visit www.kind-evolution.com and sign up for the challenge on https://www.kind-evolution.com/sign-up-for-14-day-burst

As Founder of Kind Evolution what do you want to achieve in 2022?

I am here to touch as many lives as possible, my vision is a world of consciousness about the choices we make in our lives. In 2022, my goal is to spread the word about WILDFIT and about Kind Evolution and to improve the health level of as many people as possible.

I believe in an evolved world, where people are not afraid anymore to show up as themselves, where people are aware about what food is part of the human diet, and what food is just a product for improving the profits of their producers on the expense of our health level.

I am here to hold up a mirror for others, so they see how beautiful they really are! That said, I’ll be able to just tell them: Thank you! I love you!

Thanks Ioan, it is so interesting to hear about your journey with WILDFIT, and how this has ultimately led to you build your own business. Congratulation, we wish you all the best!