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"Don't celebrate closing a sale, celebrate opening a relationship."

Patricia Fripp

The Business Owner is a real world business community for start-ups, scale-ups and sell-ups.

We ARE: Positive, Inclusive, Honest, Direct & Strive to add INCREASE to all.

We ARE NOT: Negative, Overly intellectual & full of theoretical advice or opinionated.

This is an inclusive sanctuary and safe environment to meet, learn, interact and share. We all had to start somewhere on our business journey, we all face daily issues and at some point will want to pass the baton on. Lets share, cooperate and help.

With new content being constantly added and updated we bring inspiring interviews along with great business advice and insights.

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a business owner

[a  biz · nuhs  ow · nuh]   noun

An individual or with group of partners who are in control of monetary and operational decision-making. He/she/they have ultimate control over the company and decides what to delegate and to whom. 

A business owner is passionate, brave and determined but also understands when to accept help. Check out our range of extensive resources to help better your business or improve your knowledge. Or, for a more personal experience, join our members only business forum and connect with likeminded individuals.

What is a


"I struggle asking for help"

Sound familiar? So many of us look at asking help as a sign of weakness, when really it is quite the opposite.

Don't underestimate peoples willingness and eagerness to help. Asking for advice says you are confident. It conveys wisdom (you know what you don't know, and when to ask).


It is time to change your state of mind; The Business Owner is here as a FREE resource to help you whenever you need it or join our members only forum and take advantage of even more personalised help and support.


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